Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shellac Fall/Winter 2012 Preview..... and some salon talk

Summer has been very busy. I would say it has been one of the best summers ever business wise.
I have been enjoying doing lots of gel polish manis and pedis. Clients are in love with color and I rarely do "french". I'm OK with that LOL.
Overall, I think Shellac is the winner in my books. It's my favourite brand, hands down.
The issues I used to have with dryness seemed to fix themselves. I owe this to Doug Schoon. I'm surprised how many people in the industry still don't know him.
He's advice and knowledge are priceless.
What do I do differently? Doug said to time the soak off time. I used to "eyeball" it. Now I actually set a timer. I use OPI Expert Touch for the removal and tell each client to use cuticle oil till I'm blue in the face. I make sure that I remove the Shellac GENTLY, not scratching the nail.
I do very but very light buff just around the cuticle area with a fine buffer. Just like I would before a manicure. This step is used to ensure a very smooth surface so the color doesn't snag on anything.

One thing I'm lacking is.... MORE COLORS!! I NEED more colors! I was super excited when I came across the preview of the fall/winter collection. Darks!! YES! Navy! YESSS! Green? Even better.