Sunday, February 3, 2013

CND Shellac Spring 2013 swatches and reviews

I was super excited today to pick up the new Spring 2013 colors!
We needed more pastels!

The collection is called Sweet Dream Collection and the name I must say is accurate.
Below you will find swatches of all colors and a quick description.

Here is a shot of all of them: (click on the picture to enlarge it)

From thumb to pinkie we have:
Azure Wish:
It's a lovely baby blue with a tiny, tiny amount of shimmer. Application on the first coat was very almost watery so I was afraid that the second coat wouldn't cover but it did and the end result ended up quite opaque, yet still soft. It's not a very "chalky" blue.


Is a pearly, bright, electric, acid green. The application on the first coat was quite good but even with the second coat you can see VNL (visible nail line). I'm sure 3 coats would have amazing coverage.
I wish this color was little more pastel and little less pearly (and little less bright)

Grapefruit Sparkle:

This one reminds me of Beau. It's little more sparkly. At first I was a little disappointed but second coat gave it little more color and I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of this one in my salon. It's a medium tone very light pink. Very neutral, looks clean on the nails.

Cake Pop:
I was afraid of this one LOL. I was afraid that it would appear streaky. It's a cooler and more opaque version of Romantique. I have to say that the formula impressed me. It's very opaque with almost a chalky look (in a good way). 2 thin coats resulted in a even finish. I'm impressed. I know few clients that will go crazy for this one!

Lilac Longing:
Beautiful application. Similar to Azure Wish but little, tiny bit more pigmented. 2 coats look beautiful and even. Lilac Longing is a medium violet on a warmer side but it's not a mauve for sure. I wouldn't call it pastel either though. I do love the color and the application.

I would say my favourite colors are:
#1- Lilac Longing
#2- Cake Pop
#3- Azure Wish
#4- Grapefruit Sparkle
#5- Limeade

I'm curious how would you rate the colors...? Let me know!


  1. Hello! Beautiful colors! I like Lilac Longing, Cake Pop and Azure Wish. And will buy it for myself. And what about another 2 for me both are nice, but i don't like glitters in lacquer. So i would buy the Grapefruit Sparkle for my mom who likes only bright and barely noticeable on nails.
    Thanks for your great blog!!!)))

  2. Ik weet niet of je eenn blogger bent in Belgiƫ, maar waar koop je deze lakjes? En waar koop je de opi gel colors? leuke blog :)