Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OPI GelColor. Random colors- reviews (part 4)

From left to right:
Pink Flamenco- Hot blue toned pink. Bright, but not too bright. Creme with good coverage and overall good application. Similar to Shellac's Hot Pop Pink but and not as bright.
*Update 3/03/2012. This colors tends to stain the nails :( Total bummer because it's a very nice, versatile color. 
Bastille My Heart- Deep wine red, creme finish with just a slight, slight shimmer that allows for better coverage and application. Similar, very similar to Malaga Wine, little cooler. Much better application than Malaga Wine. It still can look little lighter at the cuticle and it can pool a little but not as much as MW.
*Update 1/03/2012. I used 3 thin coats today on one of my clients. The color turned out more even and not thick at all
Lincoln Park After Dark- Almost black, eggplant, creme finish. "In Style" 2009 and 2006 winner. Application is so so. It needs 3 thin coats to look even.
Bogota Blackberry- a deep, red wine, berry shimmer. Cooler and darker then I'm Not Really A Waitress.
Malaga Wine- Deep wine red, clear base. One of those colors that look beautiful but are a pain to apply. Somehow because of the clear base they tend to look uneven. Not streaky, but lighter by the cuticle and richer though the body of the nail. This color also has some speck of unmixed pigment. I'm not the only one who noticed this. I use Bastille My Heart for almost the same look, but better application.
Strawberry Margarita- Bright pink, creme finish. Warmer tone then Pink Flamenco. I used it couple of times and this color unfortunately stains the nails pink :(

"Bastille My Heart"


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the reviews, not much to find over web! Did you try to put 2 basecoat prior Strawberry Margharita or Pink Flamenco? I've ordered the Flamenco, but not the Strawberry due to your previous review, that it stains nails... So Flamenco do too? I will try to use 2 basecoat layers to see what happens.

  2. Hello there!
    Thank you for posting!
    No, I haven't tried 2 basecoats. Good idea! The staining is a real bummer because I try not to buff the nails before the application of the gel polish. With this staining you have to buff quite a bit :( I've read that these colors don't stain on everyone.
    Please let me know what your experience with 2 coats of base coat is...

  3. If two base coats were to be used as suggested above, would you cure the second coat of base coat the same short amount of time?

  4. I would cure the base coat recommended amount of time: 30 sec in LED and 1 min in UV

  5. Hi

    Do you happen to know if Bastille is a dupe for Shellac Masquerade.?

    Many Thanks

  6. It's not. Shellac Masquarade is more shimmery and has a better coverage. I will compare the both at work tomorrow and report back :)

  7. Thanks

    I went for Masquerade in the end as is a beautiful colour.


  8. Thank you so much, I decided not to get Bastille (beautiful colour though!). I'll stick with masquerade for now.

    Thanks for replying.