Monday, March 5, 2012

Luxio by Akzentz Spring/Summer 2012 - preview

Luxio by Akzentz just came out with their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection.
I'm very impressed with the colors I must say!
A little background:
Akzentz is a Canadian line of nail products manufactured by Haigh Industries since 1989.
Some of you might now that I have a quite a history with Akzentz... since mid 90-ties I was an educator and a distributor of Akzentz. Later on I started educating internationally and became one of the 4 Akzentz International Educators. I had a privilage to train some of truly awesome educators along the way. I worked trade shows and traveled to Europe at least 3 times a year to teach educator classes. At the beginning of this year I decided that it's time for a change (year 2012 is a year of changes after all!).
I decided to part with Akzentz and devote my time to my salon and my clients. So far.. I have to say.. I'm enjoying my freedom!
Anyway... back to the products!
The spring/summer 2012 collection looks exciting. After the 2 previous collections Fall 2011 and Winter 2011 this one contains quite different and interesting shades.
Here they are:

For more pictures please click below

Sunday, March 4, 2012

CND Shellac Spring 2012- Dark Lava & Silver VIP Status

Finally another 2 new Shellac colors appeared at my local supplier. Of course I had to grab them both!
Dark Lava and Silver VIP Status have joined my collection.

from left to right:
Entity "Fashion Icon", Shellac Dark Lava x 2, Dark Lava + Shellac Silver VIP Status
Click below to read more about the colors

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pro Linc "Callus Eliminator" vs. Footlogix "Callous Softener"

I love doing pedicures and I love finding products that make my pedicures even better!
So far I have been using Footlogix "Callous Softener". It works well but I find that you need way more then 1 spray per area for it to work. I like how gentle Footlogix is and considering that it's urea based and that it doesn't contains any corrosive ingredients- it's ideal for diabetic clients.
Last week I bought Pro Linc "Callus Eliminator" and I did have a chance to use it on myself and a few clients....