Monday, April 9, 2012

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps

When I heard that OPI is coming out with "nail polish strips" I was super excited! I have tried Sally Hansen Salon Effects when they first came out and I loved it... the only drawback was the lack of nice patterns. I only found maybe couple that appealed to me.

I know that OPI introduced product called (Nicole by) OPI Nail Apps a while ago but that I was a consumer product and those were not "polish strips" but stickers.

OPI "stickers"

OPI "Lacquer" Nail Apps

Over the last few days I had a chance to try out 2 patterns and I must say that the finished product looks better then I expected. The patterns really come to life when applied on the nails.
Application is quite simple. I proceeded with a regular (dry is my preference) manicure, then I opened the package (the polish strips are vacuum sealed to prevent drying out) and size the patterns. Then I peeled off the clear film from the top and peeled the pattern from the backing.
The product is surprisingly thin, quite flexible but almost "flimsy" so you have to be very gentle with how you handle it. It can rip easily. I made sure that I didn't touch the area I was going to apply with my fingers as this (I imagine) would interfere with proper adhesion.

The patterns stretch a little so you can conform the pattern to each nail quite well.
Once the nails were done I applied OPI GelColor Top Gloss and I cured it in OPI LED lamp for 30 seconds. I did this only to the first set of nails. I left the other "as is" to compare the wear.
The wear is suppose to be "up to 10 days". The product removes quite easily with acetone (just like a nail polish- not "gelpolish". If OPI GelColor Top Gloss was applied I guess the product needs to be soaked off.

Another thing I should mention is that once opened, the unused strips must be thrown away because they dry out. Also it's worth mentioning that the lacquer strips can be applied on toes. There is couple of larger sizes that look like would fit big toes.

What do you think..??

I report back in few days with the results.

PS. To compare here is Sally Hansen Salon Effects:

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Blue Ice"


  1. I could not get them off with accetone. You'll have to report how you did.

    1. They did remove quite well for me. The non-glitter ones come off better then the glitter. I removed the glitter ones today first by rubbing it off but it was taking a while so I used foil/cotton method. After 2-3 min the product slid off

  2. I tried Sally Hansen's a while back and ended up really disappointed. My nails/fingers have a bit more of a curve to them, so when I applied the strip, I ended up have creases at the tip! :( I was so sad cause I really loved the look and effect of them but I couldn't stand having a bunch of creases on my nails. So there went 10$ wasted in the garbage. I haven't tried any other ones since...

  3. Was it a creme finish or sparkle? I've heard that the sparkle Sally Hansen strips have more "give", they are more flexible.
    I used one of the OPI non-spakrly patterns and I managed to apply it without creases, so maybe the OPI are better? I will know more once I use more of the OPI patterns

  4. It was the one with the tiger/zebra stripes, so it wasn't sparkling. I've always had a hard time with plastic tips and press on nails also :( My nails have too much of a curve, it's like they aren't flat enough! Lol

  5. I have been using the strips by OPI for Sephora for months. I find them quite forgiving, meaning that I have 'touched' the application area and the adhered fine. Also, once I open a pack the then vacuum seal the remaining in a FoodSaver Ziploc bag and they do not need to be thrown away. I bought the hand-held FoodSaver from ~$30 and the bags and it saves the extra strips. I get at least 2-3 applications from a pack depending how long my nails are at the time. BTW, I put 2 base coats of my fav protein polish and at least 2 top coats of the same protein. They last at least a week.