Sunday, December 2, 2012

Knock... knock...anybody there?

My oh my... I've been slacking! Well...
Currently working 6 days a week leaves me with 1 day to relax, browse the Internet for inspirations, product reviews, keeping up to date with some of my favourite blogs and doing the background work for my business.

Here is what's happening in a short, short version:

- I have been enjoying my new Shellac colors. They are all awesome actually other then maybe the Vexed Violette which seems to need 3 coats. All other colors have an excellent coverage and superb application.
- I'm no longer using OPI GelColor. I just found it to be little inconsistent when it comes to the removal and the application.
- I've discovered that OPI Nail Envy Matte makes a super perfect base coat (for regular polish)
- I fell in love with Dior Top Coat. Super quick drying and it doesn't shrink. It's very thin and so far it hasn't thickened up. A big plus.
- I've developed an expensive addiction to YSL polishes (let me know if you would like to see pictures of my sinful polish collection!)

And... I have to run! I have to go back to the salon today to install a new TV (yay!! finally). I might post a picture soon :)
While at the salon I will take pictures of the new Shellac color swatches as well. Please let me know if you would like to know more details on particular colors...

Hasta la vista!

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