Sunday, March 4, 2012

CND Shellac Spring 2012- Dark Lava & Silver VIP Status

Finally another 2 new Shellac colors appeared at my local supplier. Of course I had to grab them both!
Dark Lava and Silver VIP Status have joined my collection.

from left to right:
Entity "Fashion Icon", Shellac Dark Lava x 2, Dark Lava + Shellac Silver VIP Status
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Dark Lava in 1 word is GORGEOUS. A must have! I admit, it's not the most original color but it is one of my favourite colors. I know that my client will love it.
I saw Dark Lava being described as "dark raisin". Hm, I'm not sure. It's a dark, shimmery cherry. From a distance it looks almost black but not quite. Not quite at all.
The application is perfect. The color is very pigmented and it just flows on the nail. It doesn't move, it doesn't shrink, it doesn't bleed near the cuticle. I could get a perfect, sharp cuticle line.
On the first finger you see Entity "Fashion Icon". It's similar to Dark Lava but it's lighter and it's warmer. More red, like I said Dark Lava is more cherry.
In real life all the colors appear darked and richer.
On the pinkie you see 2 coats of Dark Lava + 1 coat of Silver VIP Status.
Silver VIP Status is an icy, frosty silvery shimmer. In real life it is a little multicolored but it appears cool on the nail. I assume this color is designed to be worn as an effect, over other colors. It will make the bottom color appear little lighter and cooler.
5/03/2012 UPDATE:
In the daylight the color looks less shimmery. Reminds me off Chanel's "Rouge Noir"

PS. You can read the Part 1 of the CND Spring 2012 Shellac collection here

What do you guys think about these colors? What is your favourite so far? Are you excited about Dark Lava as I am?


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