Monday, March 5, 2012

Luxio by Akzentz Spring/Summer 2012 - preview

Luxio by Akzentz just came out with their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection.
I'm very impressed with the colors I must say!
A little background:
Akzentz is a Canadian line of nail products manufactured by Haigh Industries since 1989.
Some of you might now that I have a quite a history with Akzentz... since mid 90-ties I was an educator and a distributor of Akzentz. Later on I started educating internationally and became one of the 4 Akzentz International Educators. I had a privilage to train some of truly awesome educators along the way. I worked trade shows and traveled to Europe at least 3 times a year to teach educator classes. At the beginning of this year I decided that it's time for a change (year 2012 is a year of changes after all!).
I decided to part with Akzentz and devote my time to my salon and my clients. So far.. I have to say.. I'm enjoying my freedom!
Anyway... back to the products!
The spring/summer 2012 collection looks exciting. After the 2 previous collections Fall 2011 and Winter 2011 this one contains quite different and interesting shades.
Here they are:

For more pictures please click below
To be honest.. I want them all! LOL. I'm tired of the winter and I need these breezy and bright colors in my life!
Here is a pictures of the swatches thanks to Peggy (, distributor of Akzentz from Manitoba)

OK, so the first color that I just very much NEED is Tiffany. Then my next choice is Playful (hopefully it covers well). Pulse and Cosmo would be a sure pick but I have similar colors in OPI GelColor (Cajun Shrimp) and possibly Shellac (Tropix). I also have something similar in Gelish, the name escapes me right now.
Actually the initial Luxio collection had a Swan- I have to compare both!
I'm also thinking about getting Afterglow and Precious.
I will be getting these colors soon and I will also be having a first guest on my blog soon that will talk about these new colors in more detail.
Dear readers: what color do you like/need the most?

PS. I just came up with a brilliant idea over the weekend. You know how gel colors can pull away and shrink a little from the free edge? OPI GelColor does it and Luxio does it too. Drives me crazy, especially when the free edge is not covered very well and it looks like the nails have a first signs of wear at the tips before client leaves the salon. Not cool!
So, as usual I apply the first coat of color 2 nails at a time. I cure them in LED lamp. Then I wipe my polish brush well on both sides and with a tiny, tiny amount of gel i touch up the free edge only. I apply this on all 5 nails (well, 10) and I cure them in LED. Then I apply the second coat of color and cure that. That little lip/ledge of color gets filled in just perfectly and a layer of gloss looks super smooth.
I find when you touch up/seal the edge of uncured gel, that uncured gel tends to shrink back again
Please try this method and report back :)

You can find more info about Akzentz here.

Happy nailing!


  1. Hi Anna, I wonder if I could trouble you for your advice please? I have been using Akzentz gels for many years but fancy a change as I believe the formulation has changed and I am not quite as happy with it as I used to be. I wondered what classic gel you use in your salon and if you would advise sticking with Akzentz or trying another brand? Thanks so much x

  2. Hi there :)
    Thank you for posting!
    Might I ask you what gels are you using? I don't think the formula of the classic gels changed much with the exception of Builder French White that feels little thinner.
    I still use Akzentz for classic gels... Opti-Bond as base, Builder French White, Modeling and Top Gloss Clear.
    I'm re-visiting CND Brisa and I will be writing about it soon
    Which gels you feel changed? What issues are you having?
    All the best,

  3. Anna, I have just started using CNDs semi sheer warm pink instead of akzents warm pink. I use it in all my fills prior to doing my whites. I find this gel is less sticky than akzents also a little more sheer. Its wonderful to work with and turns out bueatifuly. I am even able to pull it over the white slightly to fill in the smile line gap just before full cure and file and it does not discolor the white. I really love it.
    Here's a pic of a new set I just did with it.

  4. Hi Angeline!
    Thanks for the suggestion! I will check out that color. So far I have the Pure Pink (it's a cool, clear pink) and the Natural Pink (semi-opaque) and of course Clear.

  5. Hi Anna, thanks for your reply...I use Opti-Bond, Natural Clear and Paint On White.
    The Natural Clear is much thicker than it used to be; it doesn't level as nicely as it used to, I have to warm it up before using to get it to move a little. It even clings to the sides of the pot rather than settling at the bottom. The Paint On White is still nice to use, although this seems to have become thicker too as you can see the pigment particles in it. I've been using both gels for years and really notice a sudden change in it. I loved Natural as I could usually get away with a single application without having to shape and gloss it. My clients loved the fact that there was less filing too. Just wondered if it was time to fly the nest and check out pastures new? I built my business with Akzentz so I dont want to change if there is nothing that surpasses it!

  6. Dear Dee,
    You are right, Natural Clear does seem thicker. From what I've been told the formula hasn't changed but sometimes the raw ingredients can vary a little, which in turn can make the gel "feel" little different.
    Why don't you try Trilite? It is quite thinner then Natural, I use it for re-balances of nails that are not grown out a lot.
    PS. I am liking the Brisa Gloss. It comes in a bottle with a brush (takes some getting used to, I do admit) but it applies very well and it seems very bright. Don't use it too thin- because you might get dull spots

  7. Dee and Anna,

    I found the same thing with the Natural gel. I have been working with Onyx Complete 3 in 1 lately and love it! To me it feels like the old Natural gel! HTH!!