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Pro Linc "Callus Eliminator" vs. Footlogix "Callous Softener"

I love doing pedicures and I love finding products that make my pedicures even better!
So far I have been using Footlogix "Callous Softener". It works well but I find that you need way more then 1 spray per area for it to work. I like how gentle Footlogix is and considering that it's urea based and that it doesn't contains any corrosive ingredients- it's ideal for diabetic clients.
Last week I bought Pro Linc "Callus Eliminator" and I did have a chance to use it on myself and a few clients....

My pedicures are (I would consider) "dry pedicures". I don't use a "spa" pedicure chair. Here are my thoughts on spa pedicure chairs:

- impressive/professional looking
- comfortable for the client
- often they have a massage option
- uncomfortable for the technician. I find that I have to sit too far from the clients feet, which causes me to lean too far over = back pain
- they WASTE a huge amount of water, I'm not sure how many gallons of water it takes to fill one up but many- for sure!
- cleaning between clients can be time consuming. You have to drain the water, wash the basin out, fill it out with clean water, pour recommended cleaning agent, and *let it run for 10 min*. Then you have to drain it and rinse it.
- cleaning at the end of the day can be consuming too. As far as I know, the drains have to be pulled out and cleaned out. They collect a lot of "gunk" where bacteria likes to grow (gross!).
- plumbing is necessary ($$$)
- expensive. At $3000 a pop think how many pedicures you have to do just to pay for the chair?!
- and last but not the least.... let's not forget that this piece of "equipment" doesn't really do anything other than soaks feet.

My set up is simple. I use  an esthetics's bed, one that has an adjustable upper part (for the client to sit up) and the bottom part (for me to move the foot part up and down)
I use a large, stainless steel bowl for the client to soak their feet. After the pedicure I wash out the bowl, dry it and spray with "Accel" Surface cleaner and I leave it wet for 10 min.
The client first sits on the chair and I then bring the bowl filled with water/soaking solution. I use just enough water for the feet to be submerged.

After 5-7 minutes of soaking I remove the bowl, dry off the client's feet with a medium towel and I'm ready to do a pedicure. I usually place the bowl underneath the chair so I can wet/clean my foot file while working on the callouses.

Anyway... back to the callouses.
Actually, back to the pedicures. I first remove the gel polish (I use gel polish mainly in the winter) using cotton/foil method. I wrap each nail separately.
Then I apply callous product on the dry/calloused areas.  To keep product in place I use lint free wipes that I stick to the solution that I applied in a thicker layer. I cover the feet with a medium towel and apply a heating pad on the toes and leave the client for 5 min.

When I come back I remove the heating pad from the toes and remove the callous softener with a small towel. I know that the instructions show to just go straight into buffing but I wipe the bottoms of the feet with some warm water and then start to file. When the file gets little clogged up, I dip the file into the water and repeat. I finish up with a smoother grit and go to the other foot.
By then (about 10 min later) I remove the cotton/foil from the toes. By then the gel polish just slides off!

Toes are next. I cut the toenails and I file/shape them. Then I apply cuticle softener and I push back/clean up the cuticles. I quickly spray little bit of water on the toes to neutralize the softener. If something needs to be nipped I gently nip making sure I'm removing the non living tissue. I then detail the area around the nails with an e-file and a (disposable!) sanding band. I use Erica MT-20 on a low speed. I LOVE what can be achieved with an e-file! I find that I can achieve better finish and the results are longer lasting (because the skin is not cut but buffed).

Next, I use a disposable buffer to smooth the nails, I wipe the nails with acetone and I re-apply the gel polish.
Massage is next. I love using CND Spa Manicure"Citrus Lotion". It has a perfect slip for the massage and it smells so fresh.

Overall, I like Pro Linc Callus Eliminator better then Footlogix Callous Softener. I find that I had to re-spray the foot numerous times to achieve the smooth finish.
I like how hygienic the Footlogix is (a spray) but the Callus Eliminator gel can be poured into a small dish and applied with a brush. Now, that's an idea!

Callus Eliminator contains Potassium Hydroxide which can be an irritant when left on the skin for too long. There is no such risk with Footlogix which is urea based and it doesn't need to be rinsed off (I did always wipe the feet after using Footlogix anyway because I didn't like the tacky feel it left behind)

You can find more info on Pro Linc here:



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