Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OPI GelColor. Random colors- review (part 2)

From Left to Right:

Russian Navy- Dark indigo blue, almost black. It has a tiny amount of purple shimmer that barely shows on the nail. Not the easiest to use. I find that sometimes the color pulls a little and it tends to look lighter (more blue) at the cuticle and more black on the rest of the nail. I used it only once or twice. I will report back once I use it more.

My Private Jet- Dark, almost black color with a lot of shimmer. The shimmer is what gives it a brighter look, so the polish doesn't look "goth" ;). Applies nicely and quickly but it tends to shrink a little sometimes. It has brown/yellow undertones.

You Don't Know Jacques- Dark taupe with a creme finish. I had some issues with that one. It wrinkled on me couple times! It's a VERY, VERY pigmented gel. It has to be applied VERY thin for it to cure properly. Once I had a client come back after 2 days with the thumbs "bubbling" from underneath! Make sure clients hold their thumbs properly under the lamp (the hand has to be "open", so the thumbs face the side bulbs in the OPI LED lamp. Since I started applying it thinner, I seem to solved the issue.
Update: 1/03/2012. My client STILL came back with a "bubble" on her thumb. The polish lasted 2 weeks and she didn't get any chipping but there was a distinct "bubble/wrinkle" (that wasn't there when she left)
Also, the color changes a little with wear. It become less purple and ends up little warmer. Almost khaky.

Bubble Bath- I think everyone knows this color. To be honest I'm tired of it. It's too warm for me. I much prefer "Passion" which is cooler and more "fresh" looking. Too bad though that "Passion" seems to turn more milky or even yellow on some people :(

Samoan Sand- Nice in the bottle, on me it turned little yellow :o This color might look nice on dark skin tones but on light skin tones it might look like you have... "smokers nails"

Big Apple Red- I love this red! "In Style" Winner 2009, 2007. Not too pink, not too orange and not too blue, this bright tomato red is perfect for any skin tone.

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