Sunday, February 26, 2012

OPI GelColor Removal & NARS Polish

2 weeks went by and I'm ready for a change. I recently bought beautiful NARS polishes and I couldn't wait to try one of them.
OPI GelColor wore really well. I had a minor chip on my right thumb.. well, more like a wear. The area stayed the same, the product didn't peel further etc.

(click to enlarge)
 I soaked the product using the cotton/foil method and OPI Expert Touch Remover. I wrapped the nails, covered them with a towel and I applied heating pad. I started using the heating pad in my salon just recently and I'm liking the results. The product comes off cleaner. I still wait 15 min before taking the foil off. I believe I didn't wait long enough while soaking the product off my nails and I did have some base coat residue.
I started removing the product off the nails at work.. then it dawned on me that I should take pictures!

nail #1
 Nail #1 - product came off well, but you can see some base coat residue.

nail #2
Nail #2 - product came off completely

Nail #3
Nail #3 - product released nicely and as seen on the pictures below within seconds started to curl up and come off the nail.

Nail #3, seconds later

Nail #3, few more seconds later.

After all the product came off my nails had some base coat residue but after rubbing them with a lint free wipe soaked in Expert Touch all the gel was gone.

Now.. on to the next:
NARS. From left to right: Night Breed, Night Flight, Night Rider.

I think my favourite color of this bunch is the dark indigo blue. What a gorgeous color!
I own a few of NARS colors and they are nice, especially couple of the dark reds are very pretty.
These 3 NARS colors (black, blue, and purple looking from the left to right) are a part of the "Night Series" collection that came out in the summer I think..? I'm missing a dark green. They are limited edictions so I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to get it.
The formula of this collection is spot on. The coverage is excellent and they are almost 1 coaters.
Night Breed one has a bigger pieces of sparkle that leaves the nail little textured (I recommend 2 layers of top coat)
Night Flight is described as black with cobalt pearls. Hmmm. to me the polish is more of a dark indigo/black then cobalt and it has a shimmer finish, not a pearl. When it's wet it has more shimmer to it. It dries slightly more dull unfortunately. Top coats add little shine though.
Night Rider is described as "soft plum with a silver sparkle" but I would say it's more lavender then plum. It dries with a smooth finish.
I'm missing "Night Porter" described as black with with green pearl.

The picture below is just 1 coat of Night Flight. I used Orly Bonder base coat on one hand and Deborah Lippmann on other. I will let you know if one lasts better then the other.
The polish applies super even and it dries quite quickly.

One coat of Night Flight.

2 coats and a layer of Amoresse Mercury Top Coat. 
PS. I just started using Amoresse Mercury Top Coat and so far I really like it. It dries super quick and it doesn't shrink (unless you apply it too thick).
NARS is available at The polishes are $21.00 CAD.

Well, that's all for now. Have great Sunday all!

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