Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OPI GelColor. Random colors - reviews (Part 1)

It amazes me that after 10+ hours at work I can come home and write about.... nail polishes. What can I say... I'm very lucky that I love my job!
Here are some random pictures of the OPI colors that I swatched.. and their descriptions after the jump break.
(Click on the picture to enlarge it)

From Left to Right:

Miami Beet-

Pompeii Purple- Beautiful fushia pink with a purple flash. Less vibrant and softer than Shellac's "Tutti Frutti". I did have some issues applying this color. It tends to shrink from the cuticle a little and free edge. So now to achieve a more solid and even color I use "Pink Flamenco" as a base and then add "Pompeii Purple" on top of it.

Princesses Rule- Shimmery, sparkly, fresh pink. A dream to apply. It's very light but the amount of shimmer/sparkle makes it quite opaque.

A Grape Fit- Gorgeous, bright, summery color. Medium purple, creme/pastel finish. It goes on very nice, doesn't streak. I think the GelColor version is a little lighter than the polish version.

Louve Me, Louvre Me Not-

OPI Ink- Dark purple with pink shimmer. Looks almost black on the nail. Applies nicely but I tend to do 2 nails at a time to avoid shrinking (which is visible with such dark color). VERY popular color. Must have!


  1. I'd be interested in your opinion on Miami Beet as I find it horrible ot apply and I get shrinkage with it. I want to love it, but the application just looks awful when it's on ...

  2. I have used it since I wrote this post and you are right.
    I have the same issues as you :(
    Since the summer I have switched exclusively to shellac. I have very consistent results with Shellac so I'm sticking with it